Tuesday, January 4, 2011

And so it begins ...

There ain't no bad BBQ in all of Bama.
It's all good ... some more good, some less good.
A darn shame, though, that one's lifetime is too short for visiting all the BBQ places there are between Huntsville and Mobile. Job, Family, Responsibilities, Commitments, all that stuff that fills one's daily life prevents man from pursuing immortality - by becoming the first human being to have sampled a large pork plate at every BBQ joint on this Planet.
So, sadly, you have to scale down your ambition. Every place in the USA, how does that sound?
Or maybe just the Southern States. What about just one state, say Alabama? But not even that is remotely feasible for an amateur, however hungry or fanatic he might be, so then, how 'bout we scale it down even further, to a more manageable size? Like, well, all the 60+ BBQ places in the counties of Madison, Limestone, and Morgan in Northern Alabama - that is the cities of Huntsville, Madison, Athens, Decatur and the surrounding area? Sounds doable ... so let's get 'er on!
And so it begins - The Great Northern Alabama BBQ Quest. Pigs be afraid, be very afraid ...!

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  1. I really enjoy your blog. I look it up whenever I am on the road. There is a place you should try in Ft Payne. It's on the north side of town across from an ATV dealer on the main street thru Ft Payne. There are two other BBQ places in this town, but they are not as good, so don't confuse them. I have been to this place twice and I think they have the best BBQ pork in N Al. It's a little out of my travels, but I can also make a reason to stop. I think their name is Ol Tymers on Gault Ave. Their sides are also great, reminds me of real southern comfort food.