Sunday, March 10, 2019

... and yet, the Quest continues ...

It's been five years now that I left Alabama and settled back into Germany.
Five long years almost without BBQ. We actually have one place here in Germany that does BBQ right - alas, it is in Nuremberg, which is a four hour drive from where I live now.
I've been there a couple of times, but didn't think it to be worthwhile wrinting about it. After all, it is not the Great Northern Alabama BBQ Quest anymore, it is merely a side show.
But then I was assigned to a new job last year, which will bring me back to the USA occasionally on business trips.So I thought, what the heck, reopen that blog and record the experiences made in those different locations.
It will not be a regularly maintained blog anymore, because of the sparse opportunities I get to sample BBQ these days. But once in a while, there will be new content. So check back on a yearly basis ... :)

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