Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Quest Status

After two full years of working on the Quest, it's about time to look back on the achievements, and forward to the things that are left undone yet.

45 BBQ places are in the books, with between 15 and 20 remaining. The actual number is kind of fluctuating, because restaurants close, new restaurants are opened, there are a number of mobile BBQ "restaurants" on the list that may go out of business before I had the chance to visit them, and so on.
But even 20 looks very doable, although most of those are in the western part of the Quest area, so I have to drive an hour or more to go to certain places.
Well, I will cheerily take that burden on me - I still can't get enough of BBQ.
By the end of this year, though, I foresee the Quest to be concluded. But until then, it's: I'll have the pork plate with a side of potato salad and the baked beans, please. And a sweet tea ...

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